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Sandra Badenhorst grew up in a small town called Zeerust in South Africa. Her father was a well known farrier. Her love for horses bloomed at a very young age and she joined him frequently on his trips and started learning the trade from scratch.  She later realized she wanted to work with the rehabilitation of lost and broken horses.  Her horses are her passion and her devotion in life.  Rehabilitating the horses led her to teach her own children responsibility whilst home-schooling them at the farm.  The rehabilitation of horses is her passion, guiding horses from small walks to training them for endurance riding.  Most of her endeavours resulted in supporting her family and the community.  

Her heart is made of love and her courage made of steel.  She raised three children and has grown into a household name in the Endurance Riding community.  Her process of rehabilitating horses causes an uncanny change in them and surpasses those of other establishments.  The horses receive tender and loving care, some may take years to get to the point of riding them again, but others just need the attention of Sandra Badenhorst.  

In the summer of 2019, Sandra started to create the book “365 days of horse love”.  The book focuses on the everyday care for horses and records and simplifies the complicated tasks in the horse management schedule.  This book is ideal for horse lovers with one or more horses, to track their progress, health, stock take and budget.  

There are many more products in the book and the profits made are solely used to rehabilitate the horses and the advancement of the community.



Horse teaches us, heals us, make us laugh and break our hearts with their passing. We understand the benefits of equine companionship because we live with horses, love them and care for and about them. Our lives are about helping others build better fuller lives with their horses. The strength of the human-animal bond and the growing importance in our lives are the reason we wanted to do this book. We have cared for and about animals all of our lives and we have loved them from the time we first drew breath.

Our horses are rehabilitated with love and attention to detail.  Their backgrounds vary and they have either been neglected, abused or were too young when training started.  We rehabilitate them to achieve a higher living standard in their own rights to live a healthier and happy life.

Horse rehabilitation has many goals, including injury recovery, improving mobility, alleviating signs of illnesses and maintaining health through strength training.  Many rehabilitation techniques are available. It is important to understand the different techniques including the popular alternative therapies. The goal is for speedy and efficient recovery.


Danny was given to Santi-ny (little girl) by very good neighbours. She rehabilitated only after three months. A good rehabilitation program can be advantageous, not only to a horse with injuries, but to effectively train horses that need to bring their performance to the next level through increased fitness and strength.


Sandra’s children learned the rehabilitation techniques and help the horses overcome their fears by caring for the horses themselves, in turn teaching them responsibility and trust.


A successful program can be achieved with the collaborative work of a team that includes knowledgeable horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, farriers and chiropractors implementing a carefully created plan based on each individual horse’s specific needs.

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